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Experienced, native English Nanny Searching for Work!


My name is Amy. Im 26 years old and I'm from England (native & mother tongue).
My previous role was working in Zurich - Switzerland as a Live in Au Pair, taking care of a little girl (from the age of 6 months to 2 years) for a young professional couple. (Contracted for 12 months; Jan 15 till December 15...but was asked to stay on for a further 6 months)

Child duties included: waking with the baby most days, feeding, changing, taking to the kita (except Wednesdays), picking up from kita, bathing, playing and teaching english. On Wednesdays i have the girl for 12 hours; so we either usually go swimming and to the park, or to the au-pair nanny meet up and then for a play date. I also cooked every evening for the whole family, and i was responsible for all the family's laundry, ironing, food shopping, recycling, trash, general tidying up, errands and other extras.

Ideally i am searching for a live in nanny position (full or part time), but with the right set up i would happily live out.

I have a great love and compassion when it comes to children and love to see them grow up and guide them through it. I would like to have that opportunity to be a positive role model, as well as the privilege to be a part of you child/children's everyday life experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

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  • From 01-2015 Until 05-2016

    I worked for Virginie Maes & Olivier De Ruelle for 18 lovely months as their Live In Au Pair. I took care of their first born girl from the age of 6 months, until 2 years. They have left me with an excellent reference in writing, and great, continuing relationship. We all worked & lived together effectively, and i miss them and Victoria dearly.

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I am a Psychology graduate; I studied for 3 years full time. I also have A Levels in Psychology, Sociology and Human Biology. I have a VERY big interest in the brain regarding mental and physical development; how we acquire language, attachments, insecurities & fears, vision, happiness...etc. I love to draw, paint and read non-fiction ("self help and "spiritual" books). I enjoy walking, hiking, running and swimming. My passion is good conversation, helping others and travelling.


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