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Juan Carlos L., Tata a Lausanne (1004)

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Loving and caring Childminder with Care experience


I am very interested in your offer to take care the love of your life, your child.
I my self have a 6 months girl Called Tayla.
I have been taking care of her for the past 6 months since my wife went back to work. I left spain my real estate job to allow my wife peace of mind, so i decided to come. I really enjoy spenidng time with her and care for her everytime she feels uneasy, upset or cries. My method is to quickly go to aide her no matter what i am doing, attending and loving her at every moment. I am sure i can show this care for your child.

I have worked in a care home in London, and i learned to care, love and enjoy aiding others, feeding, and washing. I learned a lot about my self as a person and i learn how to enjoy giving trust and love to those around me. I believe i am more then qualified to not only care for your little baby but to also have fun and ofcourse earn the trust of the most important people in the childs life, your self.

My name is Juan Carlos Lugo I am Italian / Venezuelian. I am 25 and I like to see my self as a connected person to the idea of unconditional love and compassion. I live Place chauderon lausanne so i can make my way back no problem if its late.

Many thanks,

Juan Carlos Lugo

23 franks an hour. The job involves not working with things, but working with a human being. This is a very important role, as well as in the childs life. Quality is My upmost importance.

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I would first like to say that these kinds of jobs are very important for the childs life and the family. This is the time your child is learning expanding and learning about his relationship to the world. I believe creating a safe, loving careing enviornment for the child is my upmost importance for the expansion of the childs life and future experiences. I did A levels in Londond. I have worked in a Care home for 3 Years, careing for disabled and normal elderly. My hobbies mostly involve going on the computer and playing with my baby daughter. I do some excersize occasionally. My interest are learning to be a more humble person, a kind person, a compassionate person, most of all a loving person to those around me.


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