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Cecilia I., Tata a Cape Town

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I am a middle age fit, healthy and well groomed lady from South Africa. I am a x provincial hockey player, have my own hockey teams and do couching. I do have a passion for kids. I am a well organised person who set goals and no problem to walk extra mile. My best character is that I am caring, patience, decent with a open vision. My own 3 boys are grown ups and busy with their own lives.

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  • From 01-2013 Until 09-2016

    I couch her girl for now 3 years private hockey skills and we will stick for another year together. Then she is ready for high school.

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I am a X provincial hockey player for many years. Did couching for 20 years. I love needle work, cooking, gardening, walking in the nature. Love to explore new places. I am very much discipline with daily tasks. I eat healthy and live healthy. I love animals. I am in my heart a couch. I don't like to bring people down, rather lift them up. I do have a positive attitude and got a open heart. I love sport. Don't play hockey anymore but got my own hockey skills clinic. I fell in love with golf and is a league player at my Golf club. I also love to play bit tennis. I will also like to do horse riding and look after them by myself. I would love to ski as well. I do have a lot of respect for the sea. I am afraid of heights and will not do dangerous Extreme sport. Love to watch rugby, cricket and golf on TV.


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