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Carolina T., insegnante di portoghese, insegnante di economia, insegnante di matematica, corso di informatica, homework help a Plan-les-Ouates (1228)

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    Portoghese (Madrelingua) , Inglese (Avanzato) , Spagnolo (Intermedio)
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I love teaching with visual methodologies


I am Nina and i could lie for you telling all the tradicional skills and fakes impressive experiences but i can not do it, actually You will see it in my face when you meet me in person, i'm a expontaneous person who loves living the truth.
I was the nerd at school and to be honest i continue on this path. After my MBA in Finance i decided to study different stuffs as Yoga, Meditation, Life, sustainability, Design Thinking and all the other things the future-mind people are studing nowadays.
Yes, i love sharing, teaching and learning. I have being doing those things for so long that i will never be able to say when it started.
I can easily and with love teach Portuguese, Mathematics, sustainability, yoga and economic.
And what about the visual methodologies?! TCHARÃM, My notebooks were full of drawing and colors and people told me i could work with that, so that's what i do nowadays, i'm a visual facilitator! -->ninatelles.com.br
Ok, That's enough for now,
Let me know if you want to learn and share with me!

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