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Stephanie H., baby-sitter a Zug (6300)

  • 31 anni, 5 anni d'esperienza

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    Danese (Madrelingua) , Inglese (Avanzato) , Tedesco (Intermedio)
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    5 anni d'esperienza
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Experienced nanny looking for job near Zug

Are you looking for a warm hearted nanny with lots of experience? Look no further.

I am an experienced, reliable and loving nanny, who loves babysitting with all of my heart.

Ideally, I am looking for a full-time position. I have great experience with babies in particular, and I would therefore love a job caring for a baby so that my obtained knowledge and experience could be of use to give you the best care for your child that you could possibly wish for.

I have 5 years of paid experience with babies, and have nursed babies as young as 6 weeks old. I also have short-term experience with twins. Additionally, I have experience with kids in all other ages as well.

I believe a babysitting job is much more than changing diapers and giving bottles, and I fully enjoy seeing how kids develop every day through playing and being given attention.

My main philosophy is that although boundaries sometimes need to be set, love, hugs and attention is what children need to dare to discover their own developing personality and place in the world.

I consider myself a highly responsible, warm hearted and patient nanny whose job is not only to care for a child's physical needs, but also to ensure a good and cheerful environment that is supporting and nurturing.

I have taken first-aid courses and would be happy to forehand recommendations.
I look forward to caring for your children. It is my promise to you that I will love and care for them as if they were my own.

Best regards,


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