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Katarzyna Ś., baby-sitter a Ennetbaden (5408)

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Dear family,

My name is Katarzyna. I am currently 19 years old. I was born and raised in the southern part of Poland in a beautiful and unique town right by the Tatry Mountains. I moved to Switzerland three months ago and I'm taking a gap year from studying but in the future I plan to go back to school to study construction or power engineering and then I plan to hopefully find a great career from there. I work as au pair, what is for me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and explore new places, countries, cultures, people, learn new languages, the list goes on.
I absolutely love children and playing with them. I have a lot of experience watching over children and taking care of them, having younger siblings I've learned so much as well which really helped me out with watching children from the neighborhood or other family members. And the most important fact which confirms my experience – I work as au pair, I spend 40 hours per week with kids! :-)
I am a very patient person, energetic, capable of preparing meals, experienced in providing a safe learning environment for children, even able to help out with homework if needed. I am responsible, punctual, and build new relationships easily. I am also a very active person, I enjoy swimming, soccer, running, skiing, hiking, and dancing. I am also very passionate about reading and traveling. I do not tolerate dishonesty, or injustice, I always try to be positive and ready for study. My English is pretty fluent, I know German basics and actually I'll start German course in August. I would be more than delighted to have the opportunity to take care of your kids! :-)

Regards, Kasia

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  • Da 05-2013 A Questo giorno

    Working as au pair, what is connected with spending 40 hours (sometimes more) per week with children. Work activities: going outside with kids, playing with them, some houseworks, e.g. cleaning, doing the laundry.


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