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A reliable, hardworking, experienced housekeeper/ P.A./nanny


Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a hardworking, reliable and honest 34-year old woman from EU. I am an active person interested in a healthy way of living, sports and holistic medicine.
Recently I have been working as a housekeeper/ nanny in Geneva and remained loyal to the family for over 2,5 years. Previously I have been working as a personal assistant/ housekeeper/ chauffeur in Denmark and remained loyal to the outstanding family for 5 years. Besides, looking after 2 little children occasionally and driving them to the daycare was part of my duties. I was the chauffeur to the family on formal occasions as well.
I hold an international driver's license ( clean driving record for 15 years) and a clean criminal record. Moreover, I have been working as a chalet head housekeeper in Courchevel for a VIP family (winter season 2011/ 2012), so I could say that I am pretty familiar with the 'kitchen' in ski resorts.
Please feel free to ask for my CV and references (you are more than welcome to do the background check with the relevant info provided). Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely yours,

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  • Da 04-2007 Until 06-2011

    P.A./ House assistant in the large properties in Denmark. I will provide the excellent references!

  • Da 12-2011 Until 03-2012

    I have worked as a personal assistant and a housekeeper for a VIP person in a luxury chalet in Courchevel.

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I am an active person interested in a healthy way of living, sports and holistic medicine. I prefer outdoor activities than indoor sport gyms, so swimming, bicycling, jogging, skiing are my favorites.


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